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Finnfors Power Station Museum

Finnfors kraftverksmuseum

A decision was reached on August 6, 1906 in Skellefteå, to build a power station at Finnforsfallet, the first power station in the river Skellefteälven. Two years later the machines in the new power station were turned on. After 1912 the power station was the largest station in the northern part of Sweden. The old power station is still intact with all its shiny, beautiful brass instruments, generators and turbines in an Art Noveau building. Walk along the water and experience the power that burst forth here for almost 50 years!

Children can enjoy themselves by experimenting in Teknikboa. In Rövargrottan you can experience the atmosphere of the cave of the Finnfors thieves. Guided tours start in the museum. Refreshments in the Finnfors Café.