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Fatmomakke church town

Fatmomakke kyrkstad

Fatmomakke is an old Sami meeting place. The first church was built as far back as the 18th century. A church town grew up around the church and there are now approximately 100 Sami huts and cottages here. Some of the buildings are open to visitors.

When you visit Länsmansstugan (The County Sheriff’s Cottage) you will meet the clergyman and the county sheriff, two very respected persons in authority in Fatmomakke. There is a Visitors’ Centre in one of the old church cottages where you can visit the exhibition “Att mötas i Fatmomakke” (“Meetings in Fatmomakke”). Lapp-Lisa’s prayer-hut, the exhibition hut and the church are also open.

Guided tours, coffee and refreshments are on offer during the summer. Fatmomakke is still a living church town with traditional church festivals. The summer begins with a Spring festival, and there is also a Midsummer festival and an Autumn festival.