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Alpine Botanical Garden

Fjällbotaniska trädgården


A most unique environment has been created near the ski slopes in Hemavan – an alpine botanical garden covering an area of four hectares, with more than 400 species that thrive together. The garden provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the variety and the species richness that characterises the flora of the mountains in one and the same place – from the rich shore vegetation along our unregulated rivers to truly high-alpine plants, such as glacier crowfoot and snow buttercup.

The indigenous species dominate along the disabled-adapted paths, but there are also specimens of rare alpine plants here. The possibly most unique specimen is however extremely local, a relatively recently discovered orchid, Gymnadenia runei, named after its discoverer Olof Rune, who was also the initiator and founder of the garden. 

In addition to guided tours of the garden, there are also tours to the flower mountain of Gieravardo by Portbron, a few kilometres south of Hemavan.

The Alpine Botanical Garden is situated near Vindelfjällen Visitors’ Centre – the western gateway where you can learn more about Sweden’s largest nature reserve.