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Visitor's Centre Hemavan

Naturum Hemavan

Vindelfjällen with its 550,000 hectares is the largest nature reserve in Sweden and one of the largest protected areas in Europe. Because of the size of the reserve it constitutes a cross-section of the mountaions of Lapland. There are different natural landscapes, depending on the bedrock and the altitude.

Hemavans Visitors´Centre is situated next to Hemavans högfjällshotell which offers food and accommodation. The exhibitions tell you more about the structure of the bedrock, the flora and the fauna and the rich cultural history of the people in the mountains from the past to the present.

Take part in a guided tour of The Alpine Botanical Garden or in the mountain, visit the café at the Alpine Park, or use the premises for a conference.

From Hemavans Visitors´Centre you can go on a hike along the hikingtrail Kungsleden that takes you all the way to Hemavan and Abisko.



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