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The Saga Cinema in Adak

Eivor Jonsson i biljettluckan.Eivor Jonsson in the box office.

Ore dresser Östen Dahlberg’s dream came true when the Saga Cinema opened in his house in 1945. His home was in fact an entertainment centre where weddings, masked balls, beauty contests and dances were held. The whole family was involved with the cinema. Östen accompanied the films – that he had chosen himself – and his wife Edit sold tickets and sweets. Their daughter Karin also helped out. Times got harder when television came in the 1960s, and in 1965 the cinema was closed down.

In 1991 the doors were opened again and the cinema woke up from its sleep with the help of the newly formed group Sagabiografens Intresseförening (The Friends of the Saga Cinema). In the summer of 1993 the first film festival was held, an event which is now held annually the third week in July. You are also welcome to visit the cinema at other times during the summer.

Everything is in original condition, both the cinema and the family’s house. Take a guided tour to the 1940s! Elviramuseet, with a rich collection of minerals, is situated in the house next-door.



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