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Tullgården, Ratan

Ratan is well-known for three historical reasons. These three reasons and much more is presented at the Visitor's Centre. The Harbour of Northern Sweden was situated here, which meant that all goods that were exported from the coast of the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia had to go through this small but well-protected harbour.

“The water diminishing”, or the land uplift as we call it today, has been measured here since the 18th century. The mareograph is still situated in the harbour but the water level is now measured automatically by a more modern station.

The most dramatic period in the history of Ratan was the last battle fought on Swedish soil. In 1809 the Russians had retreated from the area around Umeå and were now in Ratan The Swedish Army was ready at anchor with their warships. When the cannons were done, there was hardly anything left of Ratan. The effects of the battle are still evident in several places in the village.

Today Ratan is a quiet place. The Visitor's Centre is situated in Tullgården which also houses the well-reputed restaurant Tullgårdens Gästgifveri.


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