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Norrbyskär Museum

Norrbyskärs museum.

Norrbyskär is an idyllic island in the southern archipelago of Västerbotten with a unique and fascinating history. At the end of the 19th century, a sawmill was founded here which was to become the largest sawmill company in Europe. Frans Kempe, the managing director of Mo & Domsjö AB and the founder of the sawmill wanted to build a model society at Norrbyskär. The whole community, with sawmill, planing mill, dwellings and social service was built from scratch in less than ten years, and disappeared again equally suddenly barely sixty years later.

Today the islands have become a popular excursion spot where you can visit the Museum of Norrbyskär with restaurant and café, take a guided tour on the sight-seeing train or just go for a stroll and explore on your own. Let the children play and learn at ”Little Norrbyskär”. In the summer there are markets and festivals. If you want to stay longer there is both a hotel and cheaper accommodation available.

The ferry leaves from Norrbyn outside of Hörnefors. There are several daily ferry services during the summer.



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