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Olofsfors Ironworks


Olofsfors Ironworks is one of the best preserved industrial sites in the country. An ironworks with blast furnace, tilthammer and manufacturing forge was built here by the river Leduån in the 1760s. Iron ore was made into pig iron, which was then turned into malleable bar iron in the hammer mill. Finally the bar iron was forged into various products in the manufacturing forge.

In addition to the old forges, there are also manor-house with restaurant and conference facilities, workers’ dwellings and school preserved on the premises. Take a walk round the genuine environment and look for the smith and the potter and other craftsmen. The old school now houses “Kafé Anno 1762” and the museum's shop. The museum and the Visitors’ Centre is situated in the coachman's house. There are plenty of guided tours, exhibitions and events in the summer as well as in the winter.



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