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The Tallberg Bridges


There are three generations of railway bridges of the Main Northern Line in Tallberg, outside Nyåker. The oldest one from 1891 is a beautiful steel truss bridge. The concrete bridge from 1919 has been declared a historic monument and was also featured in a coffee commercial – is it a coincidence that there is a gingerbread factory in Nyåker, situated only one kilometre away?

There is a Visitor's Centre in the village hall in Nyåker, with en exhibition that illustratively describes life around these magnificent and architecturally interesting structures. Why not begin your visit with homemade cakes, ice-cream and gingerbread cookies? Duly refreshed you can then go down to the bridges and enjoy the marvellous view from the oldest bridge, which is now a road bridge. Climb down the steep river-bank which is equipped with a long staircase, follow the signs and explore on your own.


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